Can I download 12 sec alert movie from cloud?

I have the 12 second alert movies configured for detecting motion. These movies are stored in the cloud and I can view them using the app.

Is there a way to download these movies to my phone?

People say these movie clips get downloaded/stored when you view them but this seems not generally true. I view all of my alerts movies, but I cannot find any event movie on my phone.

I am using Wyze app Version v2.24.51 on a Samsung phone with Android 10.

To download to your phone, start playing the cloud event (movie) and either single-tap on the footage as it is playing or wait until it has ended, then tap on the download icon. Depending on your connection speed, it may take a while to download. When complete, you’ll see a “Saved successfully to system gallery” message. In your case, that location will probably be accessible via the Google Photos app.


After it plays select the download icon;

Seapup beat me to it…

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Thank you all for the quick answer. This was easy (I never saw this icon).

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