Can an SD card be put in another cam to view timelines or pull videos off?

I’ve pulled microcards from a different house (to preserve any recordings) , switched new cards in, and brought home the originals with the timeline recordings. May I put one of these cards in a cam at home and pull off videos or must they match the original cam in order to view and record off the memory card. I didn’t want to put in a card as of yet without asking first, in case it tries to reset/format card for “new cam” .

If needed, I’ll put back in the original cams to record off the info needed. Presently I can only view on my laptop photos off the “original” cards, and anything marked “video” or otherwise are not accessible. Next step was to put in a random cam at home and see what works, so I’m asking first.

There’s a reference to moving vids from a SD card straight to a MAC, but with a PC laptop, I’ve had no clue to finding vids off the cards.

David V

This should work! I had an SD card in a v2 then moved it to a pan. Without thinking, my recordings were there. Try it out and see if it works. I know you can also get SD card readers for phones and tablets.
Apple SD card reader (Amazon)
Android SD card reader(Amazon)

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I pull some cards for the exact reason you describe about once a week.

The videos will be in the /record folder. There will be subfolders named for each day within this folder, and subfolders within each day numbered for each of the 24 hours.

The actual video clips are one minute long MP4s numbered for each minute.

There are many methods to join them if that suits your needs better. One extremely simple and free method is MP4Joiner -

I’m pretty sure this works, but if you have the card already out and in hand, I think you’ll be much happier copying the files off. You get the original quality files very quickly. :slightly_smiling_face:

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