I have four cameras at my business. I have SIM cards in each one. If I want to look at the previous day or week do I have to take the SIM card out and put it in a computer to do that or am I able to look at the history from my phone? Right now when I look at the history on my phone it says no data. Thanks I hope somebody can help me with this.

First, just a point of terminology. A SIM card is the chip that goes in a cellphone to enable communication with a cellular provider over the cell network. The storage card that goes in a Wyze Cam is called a microSD card, or mSD for short.

To view the recordings on the mSD card, you tap the View Playback button at the bottom of the live stream view for each camera.

If that’s what you’re doing and you are not finding any video, then make sure you have turned on local recording. Tap the gear icon, then Advanced Settings > Local Storage. Turn on the switch and choose continuous or event only mode. You should see the remaining space on the the mSD card listed there.

If you had already done all this, then I’d take the card out and view it on a computer to see if the video files are there. If not, I’d suggest formatting the card on a computer using the tool linked below, reinstalling it in the camera and trying again.

Official SD card formatter from the SD Card Association:


Thanks for the information. As you can tell I’m not educated in electronics. On the local storage page It says format on the sd card. Does this mean I need to format card? I do have local recording to sd card turned on and continuous recording selected.

No, it is not instructing you to format the card, just telling you that the option to format is available.

What does it say in teal next to “SD card memory available”?

Hey Loki. I accidentally hit the format button before I got your reply. After doing so the recording process started and my cameras seem to be doing exactly like they’re supposed to now. Thank you so much for your help and guiding me through this. Brian

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You’re welcome. My next suggestion was going to be to format the card. So you did the right thing, and it worked. Yay!

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@arkbrian3 its ok if you don’t know the small subtleties of electronics, but rest assured you are in a good community full of people willing to help. you seem to be very open to learning and that’s greatly welcomed too. these mods do a great job of explaining things clearly for everyone and keeping things running smooth.