Can a guest in my home add my camera to their APP

Is it possible someone could take a camera I have setup already on my APP and add it as a new camera in their APP? Could they just scan the code on my camera to add it to their system?

I answered as if the OP was asking about WCO. Please skip my post and read the one below it.

Great question!

The way wyze set it up is that a camera (Or any wyze device) can only be on one account at a time. Short answer is no, not really

Longer answer: if they wanted to do this they would also need to take over your base station. Remove it from your account and set it up on there own account. This would be noticeable because it would be off your account.

The bigger risk is if someone finds your wyze password they could log in on there phone as you. If you didn’t set up 2fa you would have a good way to know about it. Always set up 2fa.

I disagree with the previous reply.

  1. The short answer to DHoward’s question is yes, of course they could. They’re in your home with physical access to your equipment.

  2. All it would take is a quick reset of the camera.

  3. Yes it would disappear from your account.

  4. Two factor has nothing to do with this and minimal value, unless your account name and password are sitting around written down in your house or trivially guessed.

  5. There is no “base station” involved, unless you happen to be talking about the new WCO. That is not apparent.

Re-reading the original post I see your correct he did not ask about a WCO, but I answered as if he did. Thanks for correcting me, and I agree with your answer.


I always appreciate a well thought out Civil reply… KUDOS

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