CamOG not recording events again

Could someone please test their CamOG to see if it will record a Person movement event when on an iPhone and the Wyze app is closed (running in the background). It works fine when the Wyze app is open and the cam is in “live” mode. I have been reporting and logging this issue since last August with no comments from the community. I’ve done lots of beta testing on this and have determined the only temp fix is to delete the cam and reinstall which is not easy because the cam is in the house second story eves. Info: iPhone X running 16.7.2 with Wyze app 2.47.0 (2) and CamOG 1.0.71 with Cam+. I have 10 other CanV3s that work fine.

I seldom use my @#$%^&* iPhone for Wyze except to test stuff. However I just fired it up, filtered events on the only OG (Tele in this case) that could have a person in front of it and sure enough, there were person events, and they play properly.
App version 2.47.0 (4)
iPhone 13 running iOS 17.1.1
Camera firmware version 1.0.71

Thanks for the reply. I may have a bad cam. I will start working with the support guys. Not sure if I have to back out of beta testing first.

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