Cameras Will Not Scan Bar Code

I received 2 Wyze Cams V2 today I was successful one time in scanning the bar code on start up , Then the connection did not complete and it said to rescan the bar code. I tried and it would not scan the code I moved the phone around for a better scan nothing worked. Reset the camera it still would not scan. I tried the second camera followed the start up procedure could not get it to scan the code. I have 2 other V2 cameras that I bought a number of months and they work fine. I am using a Samsung A -8 phone. I am using the Wyze firmware version I did not install the news firmware as people were having issues with there cameras after updating. I also have subscribed for the CMC service which had been working great since it first came out. The person detection in the CMC (using firmware )is working like it is suppose to. This is why I don’t want to upgrade to the newer firmware version and end up loosing the person detection. Could my cameras not be scanning the bar codes properly because I do not have the latest firmware?

Make sure the whole qr code is visible. Scroll up when the code is on your phone and see if that helps.


@Winger870 Welcome to the community! There have been a few others experiencing this same issue with the QR code not scanning. The suggestion from @Omgitstony has been a successful solution for many. For a good example see this post below.


I will try this when I scan again


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Ok thanks for the information.

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Did what was suggested as the Bar code was not fully exposed. Camera connected and is working properly . Thanks for all your help .



Nice! Enjoy the cams!

That’s great glad to hear! :slightly_smiling_face:

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