Cameras out of focus

I just received a replacement for my V3 Pan camera that was not panning. After installation of the new one, I saw that the image was very poor. The HD image looked more like 360p. I wound up carefully peeling off the front black plastic cover to reveal the lens, which is adjustable. Rotated lens about 40 degrees clockwise. Huge improvement. I even did this on the defective camera, about the same amount of rotation (it never had that clear an image either). Seems like however they are focusing these cameras, it’s not working. I have two standard V3s and they are focused correctly.

Which immediately voided the warranty and rendered it no longer weather resistant.

I have 4 PanV3 cams, one a warranty replacement, and all 5 were delivered in focus.

I was careful not to damage the sticky sealing gasket on the cover. As far as the warranty goes, if I contacted support I assumed they would just send me another out-of-focus camera. Therefore, I decided it was necessary to fix the problem myself.

I have s brand new Floodlight Cam that was very blurry. I contacted support but since I bought the item NEW from Amazon via theytell me I have no support. I guess they don’t want customers to buy from Woot even though Amazon handles the shipping.

Amazon owns Woot.

You bought the cam from Amazon on discount thru the Woot Daily Deal site, not thru the Wyze Store on Amazon or from the Wyze Store on their website or thru the app.

Woot has a return policy.

When purchasing a product from a retail reseller, it is always the policy that the item be returned to the place of purchase. Wyze is no different.

From the Wyze Returns & Warranty Policy page:

Wyze will provide Technical and Customer Support for the product, however Returns and Warranty support is not offered because you didn’t purchase it from Wyze.

Thats not what wyze support told me. They said it if was bought from Amazon they would replace an item that had problems. But as it was “listed” on Woot by Amazon, charged by Amazon, delivered by Amazon they say Woot is not a acceptable reseller. The item on Woot was listed by Amazon, my receipt says Amazon on it and it was shipped from an Amazon warehouse. Amazon is one of their accepted resellers but not if Amazon lists the utem for a special sale on woot. I believe that Amazon actually owns woot. This way wyze can “say not our problem” to questions of support.

I assume you are connected with Wyze as well judging from you tone & support.

I am not an employee of Wyze nor have I ever been. I do not speak for them or have anything to do with their policies. I am a Forum Community Volunteer who is a customer of Wyze just like you with far too many Wyze devices purchased to be healthy for me or my wallet. I just have some experience in dealing with their policies.

Yes… if it was purchased from the official Wyze Store on Amazon. Wyze has a store on Amazon where Wyze is the direct seller.

Amazon just does the processing, fulfillment, and shipping for Wyze as they do thru a partnership agreement for some items sold in the App and thru the Wyze Website

Woot is not that store. Woot is a discount clearance arm of Amazon sold by Amazon. It is overstock (and refurbs\returns reportedly) Amazon buys in bulk from the manufacturers who sell on Amazon for pennies on the dollar and then liquidate thru discount sales.

There are many authorized resellers of Wyze products that have to be returned to the retailer. The only ones Wyze will accept on Warranty Return\Replacement are those sold by Wyze or Wyze Labs.