Cameras not showing available for Cam Plus

I purchased 3 Cam Plus licenses. When I went to the app to assign said licenses two of the three cams do not show up or appear as an option to select and cam plus to. Not sure why they don’t show up. All on same account. Same login on website/app. No differences between the cam that was available and the two that aren’t. Please help.

Do you have a trial on them? if so you will have to remove that then you can add your licenses.


What kind of cameras are they? What firmware versions are in them? RTSP perhaps?

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They are in RTSP and I thought of that, but one cam that does have a cam plus license attached to it is also on rtsp, so I figured that wasn’t the issue, but I suppose worth checking out.

If they were on a trial they should be expired by now, and I’d think they would still show up on the list with “trial” heading like my newer ones. Hmmm