Cameras Missing

Has anyone else had their cameras (v1) go missing from the app?

I launched the app this morning to find that all of my v1 cameras are no longer listed as available devices.

What’s strange though is that they are all still firing events, but show as renamed to something that looks more like a device ID (e.g. “Living Room” is now named “A4DA2220DD8B”)

When viewing the event, if I click “Live Stream” to access the device that way I get a “Device Not Supported” error message.

Are v1 cameras no longer supported? That would kinda suck

Currently using app version 2.15.11 on iOS 14.1. Now that I say that, I believe my phone may have updated to 14.1 last night, so maybe a possible connection there? Not sure.

I am experiencing exactly what you are describing above.

Welcome back @me16!
It seems that others are having the same issue.

It has been reported to Wyze.
Also, please submit logs and post the number here.


Are your cameras back working now?
Please try forcing close of the Wyze app for f they’re not.

Yup looks like the issues has resolved! Thank you!

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Same for me. All cameras seem to be back and functional again. Thanks!

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