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Incredibly impossible to believe that we asked for help and it does not arrive in the desired way, first they give us instructions through the chat, then they give us a telephone number which the technical support tries to give us from the Philippines, without any idea of what they could help us with, then We opted for the chat again and surprisingly they give us the same negative result, … simple question, why does my camera record in sequences and distorted the images and giving me a magenta color and having changed the micro SDXC cards of a different brand and capacity…no one had the correct answer…I see in many posts that have the same question and they have even returned the cards to the company wyze…bad action of customer service, they are only interested in filling it out propaganda to you so that you buy the monthly recording fee…the camera is very good but without adequate technical support it cannot be used… it is a shame to buy something that does not have adequate technical support and at the same time bad as it is he has wyze…

Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @J777! :raising_hand_man:

The forum is a user to user community. Not somewhere to get Wyze to address your complaints about the effectiveness of their customer support. It is other users helping each other and discussing issues with the cams. I have been a V3 cam user for some time with 16 currently in service and would love to help if I could understand what it is you are experiencing with your V3 Cam.

This seems like the only part of your post that relates to your cam. But, there isn’t much to go on there. It seems like there are multiple issues going on but there aren’t details for each. If you provide a bit of explanation with each of these as to what exactly it is you are experiencing, I am sure some expert users can provide some assistance.

Explain sequences. Event Recording or SD Playback Recording?

Live Stream, Events, or SD Card Playback? Color Vision or IR Night Vision? Distorted in what way?

IR Night Vision Lens Filter is stuck in the closed position while the cam is in Color Vision mode.

What changed?


It just doesn’t engrave on the card… It comes out color lines on card only…hope you understand

Any screenshots or screen captures will help immensely tell your story in this situation. Also, can you answer @SlabSlayer s questions from the prior reply?

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Always what errors …now it does not copy anything on the card …see the photo

Can you please confirm that, in the Advanced Settings menu of the Cam Settings, you have “Record to SD Card” enabled and that you have selected Continuous.

A screenshot of those settings will help.

What is the firmware version on the cam?