Cameras are in the trash

Indeed. A PTZ cam brings added complications when the DZ can only be set for one specific FOV Home Position and does not adapt to a new FOV Waypoint or full range Pan Scan \ Track Motion range of movement. One of the inherent limitations of a PTZ cam.

In this use case, in an outdoor application with a high degree of ancillary environmental movement, a static FOV fixed cam is the better choice for installation.

It appears that the chimes need to be relocated. You chose to place a Cam with an FOV that has high movement frequency. The single most important decision made for a security cam before tuning any of the settings on the cam is where it is placed. Placement and FOV is 80% or more of it’s effectiveness. Poorly placed cams get poor results.

I have this exact situation. I have PanV3 that is trained on where I park my work vehicle outdoors. The Vehicle Detection is off, Person Detection is on… I then have one V3 and another PanV3 trained on the driveway and entrance to my driveway, but not where I park. These have Vehicle and Person Detections on. Should a vehicle pull into my driveway, I am notified by 2 cams before that vehicle makes it to where I park my work vehicle. Cam placement and FOV determines how effective they will be under the limitations the cams have.

Wyze cams have never operated this way. They have always tagged all objects detected regardless of movement. The fact that it didn’t tag your vehicle initially indicates it wasn’t working at all before.

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I’m glad you mentioned the Floodlight Pro. I have two of them. We have discussed your settings on the FLP in other threads. Tuning the Floodlight Pro is a completely different experience because of it’s onboard AI and feature settings that will only activate the lights when a specific AI object is recognized by the onboard AI.

But, what I wanted to point out is that the FLP is the first Wyze Cam that will “ignore” a stationary AI object… somewhat. Using your car as an example: If you have Vehicle, Person, and Pet Detection enabled for AI Event uploading AND for Floodlight Activation with basic Motion Detection uploads on, if any one of those single objects is detected moving within the frame, it will activate the lights and tag any one of those three, or all three, be it stationary or not. However, if your wind chimes create motion, or a tree waving, or leaves blowing, etc, and it is not identified as one of the AI objects within the percentage of accuracy set within the Firmware, the upload will still happen but the stationary AI objects will not be tagged. It takes another moving AI object to be tagged in order for it to tag a stationary AI object.

Completely normal when you have the sensitivity set to 100. The FLP onboard AI cannot operate effectively when it is being overloaded with motion event input. The FLP sensitivity is calibrated completely different than a standard Wyze Cam. It is incredibly sensitive if tuned properly.