Camera V3 snapshot instead of video

The way the AI tagging works is that once motion is detected within view and within the threshold of your detection zone and sensitivity settings, a clip is created and is uploaded to the cloud. Once uploaded, the ai checked out the whole frame and tags the video with recgonized objects.

Sounds like in your scenario there was a person in view, but was not the detected motion. Here, tagging the video “person” is correct as it somewhere in the frame. If the motion was a person walking near a stationary car and was detected, the ai should tag the video as person and vehicle if both are in frame and you have cam plus, even though the vehicle is stationary, it is a recgonized object. In general, tags are recgonized object, not necessarily the detected motion.

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I have 2 v3 cams, and now there’s just a snapshot notification. You can’t watch the 12 second video as before. Do you have to buy the C+ subscription? That’s not right it’s also false advertising. Fix the notifications into functioning videos.

The basic cloud service is images or thumbnails of cloud events like you are getting. You can subscribe to Cam Plus Lite (pay what you want, including $0), that will allow the 12 second cloud event videos, and include person detection tagging on those. Next up is Cam Plus, which is full motion recording events to the cloud for the duration of the motion. CP includes many more AI tagging items.

Outside of the cloud recording functions, there is local storage which on your V3s can be events only or continuous to a SD card in the camera. Cloud recording and local storage are two separate and independent functions, You can have one, both or neither at anytime.


How to Keep Your Cloud Video Recordings Free with Cam Plus Lite


The thumbnail images have a square box on the left-hand bottom of the image notification, but playback doesn’t work. There’s no option to get that for $0 in C+ app. Why don’t the clips have playback? They are useless without that choice, and I don’t want to waste my time watching long clips each time an event happens.

Yep, that denotes that the image is just a thumbnail.

There is a bug that should be fixed with todays app update. The bug was that the “playback” button on the cloud event was grayed out, and unable to be clicked. This doesn’t effect the actual playback function as it still works, you have to get to it by visiting the cameras live view page and clicking on playback at the bottom, then scroll to the time of the event.

Cam Plus is not free, Cam Plus Lite has the option where you can pay $0 for it. CP and CPL are different services. Did you see the link that @seapup posted right above you reply?

I just checked and the option is there… Change the custom amount to $0.


Hi, yes, I figured out how to get the playback from the SD card, but the playback button on the notification should be fixed. It takes too long to do the workaround. Just try to have the original playback function working. Thanks

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Yea, the fix should be in todays app update.

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Very well described. No fluff, just clear and accurate answer. wow.


Update when available and give it a try…

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Even with CamPlus, lately my V3 cams stop recording video at all and only give me one snapshot… usually before the activity that set off the camera is even visible. It’s a software glitch that others are having as well. I have cams with CamLite and even with me having the subscription and paying a donation, they do the same thing but far less often. That said, squirrels are still reported as vehicles and birds as people…with both versions of CamPlus and CamLite.

I’m well aware of that. Regardless, I still have issues with still video pics from cams on CamPlus and CamLite. I have also paid a voluntary fee to get my CamLite cans to take 12 sec video. I still get video stills
many, many times on my CamPlus AND CamLite cams.

Yea, same. I currently have 5 Wyze cams active and on 2 of them, they are giving me snapshots instead of motion. This change on both was sudden, unprovoked, and seemingly unfixable. What the hell is it with these cameras. One cam is a few years old, a black cam, and the other is about a year and a half old, a V3. Snapshots do nothing for me. Have you had an fixes come your way, but I doubt it. Thanks.

Recently had another user experience the same CamPlus Subscription drop on 4 cams.

Successfully restored CP activity on all 4 cams by doing a cache clear procedure:

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Sorry if i missed it in this thread, havent read all posts.

Can you confirm your seeing a square icon on the corner of the thumbnails, or is it a ??:??. Also, when you click them do you see a green bubble with a ? in it? Thanks.

Hello. In ‘Events’ I click on the event which, of course, always plays a video but in two of my cameras it’s now just a snapshot. Yes, it’s a square icon in the bottom left corner. Thank you.

Mine was working great until about a week ago. Now no cam plus notifications and recordings in my v3

Did something change with the cam firmware, app version, or license at that time? This seems to be much more prevalent on iOS.

There are some things that you can do to try to reset it though:

  1. Insure your subscription is showing as active in Account → Services.

  2. Unassign the cam from CP, close the app, reopen, reassign the cam to CP, test.

Didn’t help?

  1. Account → App Settings → Clear (Cache); Account → Sign Out; Close App; Force Close App from OS; Reopen App; Log in; test.

Didn’t help?

  1. Unassign cam from CP; don’t delete it, but press the setup and run the install again; Clear Cache #3 above; reassign to CP; test.

Didn’t help?

  1. Unassign cam from CP; Delete cam from app; Clear Cache #3 above; reinstall cam; assign to CP; test.

Didn’t help?

  1. Punt: Contact Customer Support

Seems to be back and working today.

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