Camera stopped detecting people

v2 outdoor camera stopped detecting people, it detects them as movement.

Something to try:

First Option

There used to be an issue with iOS and the Selections actually reflecting what has been selected. You can go into your notifications and Toggle all options off, back out select Event Recording, then turn off all options in smart detection, backout and turn off all selections in Event Recordings. Back out to the live stream and then the home page. Then simply reset it, go back into the live stream select Settings, then Event Recording, turn on Detects Motion, then go to Smart Detection and turn on the AI options you want tagged. Then go to Notifications and turn on notifications and select Wyze AI Events and turn that on (If it exists).

Second Option

  1. Remove the CP License
  2. Clear Cache: Located in Account, App Settings, Clear Cache (Thumbnails will be removed until the next time you live stream)
  3. Log out of the App and Restart your phone. (Make sure you have your 2FA if used and your password to log back in)
  4. Log back into the app
  5. Assign the CP license again
  6. Go and setup the detection settings.