Camera Sharing Strategy at Cross Purposes with 2FA Verification

One might think this post belongs on the site under wish lists but frankly it’s more than a wish but something that needs to be planed for and implemented as quickly as practical.

Recently, I decided to enable 2FA for our Wyze account which, up until now, myself and my husband has been accessing under my user id and password. Thinking that all I needed to do is share all the cameras with him and have him create his own Wyze account… RIGHT? Well not so much. For some reason I can’t fathom shared camera access is ‘one size fits all’ where a shared user can see what’s going on with the camera real time but not see any of the recorded content and no access to the settings. This lazy approach to security in light of the company adding 2FA as a security option is completely at odds with customers adopting 2FA because if they want to share complete access with a household partner or trusted friend they are forced to forgo 2FA and share their private Wyze account.

This needs to be FIXED as soon as possible as Wyze continues to load the torrent of devices into this one application. I’ve contacted Wyze support and have not yet heard back from them. The point I’m making here is irrefutable in light of past Wyze security issues because customers are being forced to loose functionality within their household as a trade off to having better secured access for their HIGHLY sensitive accounts. Customers are more likely to choose functionality and access OVER the wiser 2FA option. They should not be forced to choose.

Wyze please be wise and act on this adding the necessary granularity to the shared account settings. Spend some of those resources you are using to develop new devices to sell to us instead to fix your app and user access strategy. I might add that the Wyze app is getting pretty kludgy with all the devices on a long list with very different functional intents.

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