Camera Shared account can't enable person detection and no notifications for sensors

I was sharing one account between myself and my wife until I purchased the Wyze Band and found issues with connection due to her phone would also try to connect to my band . Wyze now tells us that we cannot use the Band with a shared account . DISAPPOINTED !
So I created an account for my wife and I shared all 10 cameras and 9 sensors to her account .
All cameras work and the sensors will show the sensor status in the app but her account cannot enable notifications for the sensors ! can’t believe that Wyze missed this ! .
Well now I found out that on her account I cannot enable Person Detection(Beta) . @WyzeGwendolyn Stated in a PM that it is available for everyone with Version 2.10 . My wife is running the latest version 2.10.36 .
When I go to services and click on Person Detection (Beta) it takes me to a screen that I cannot do anything with as shown below .
Anyone else been able to get Person detection working on an account that only has shared camera ?

Here is the sensor screen that does NOT have any notifications

Wyze is currently researching more layered shared permissions for the devices they own on their account. See the below topic.