Camera recognition and rule

Hey All,

I have a questions that may be a little weird so bare with me. I am wandering about the recodnition for pets when you buy the Plus features, is that something general that will recognize a dog or cat or can it be a bit more specific, maybe identify other creatures… and can i set up rules around this? I am sure you may be wandering why if you are still reading. Again, bare with me, i have backyard chickens, the kind that lay eggs, the chicken coop is roughly 5×12 with a 5x5 raised hen house in there. There is a automatic door that opens to a large chicken run from dawn to dusk kind of a thing. Now as you may know, you shouldn’t count your chickens before they are hatched, but after, yeah, its a good habit so i naturally installed 2 cameras in there, “Coop Cam” and “Hen House”, i can easily count them from my phone now. Perfection, right? Yeah, except for the squirrels that i can see at 1080p O’so clearly sneaking in there every day leaving with fat cheeks of precious fermented organic grain from the feeder. First thing i could think of is turning on the mic and making the most frightening noises i could think of, it did seem to have a startling effect for the first couple of times but lost its luster really quickly plus it seems slightly awkward when barking into your phone at work. Sorry, more back story then you probably wanted to hear. Ok, so the chicken feeder/squirrel buffet is made of metal, galvanized i belive and i had an electric fence controller laying around(don’t ask) so… i think you know where this is going. I got that hooked in and yeah… some amazing footage. I would leave the controller on all the time but there may be some collateral damage if you know what i mean.
Back to my question(FINALLY), am i going to be limited to doing this live or can i automate and record this process by recodnition and a rule trigger and possibly post it on my channel? Just kidding about that last part.

Thanks in advance.

That was quite a discussion, lol. You can only zap squirrels automatically if you also zap chickens. You can watch both live though, and not zap the chickens.

  • Pet detection mostly identifies things walking on 4 legs, but can also recognize birds.
  • I routinely see squirrels and birds identified as pets. No experience on chickens. It also recognizes dogs and cats. It does not specifiy a dog vs a cat, though. They are all ‘pets’.
  • You can not create a rule on the specific creature; But you can create one for ‘any motion’ for free, or a ‘pet’ with a Cam Plus license (also vehicle/package/person).

My squirrels don’t seem impressed by voices over the camera either.

Fermented grain? Now that sounds fun, lol. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hey Newshound,

Thanks for the response. So they are all pets then, thats a bummer. Back to turning it on manually until i can figure something else out.