Camera passphrase security

Is there any time during the cameras’s connection/reconnection to the Wi-Fi router or Android phone where the passphrase is sent unencrypted?

The reason I ask is I have some strange entries on my router log that tend to make me believe that this information is broadcast unencrypted. If the passphrase is sent unencrypted then the cameras are useless to me.

I think I may have some “kiddie hackers” in my neighborhood as I see someone “trolling” in the neighborhood slowly driving by my home. Shortly after that I notice my only camera that points indoors drops its communications with the router and occasionally it attempts to reconnect but fails do to security.

I have changed everything imaginable from SSIDs, to the maximum length passphrases, to scheduled Wi-Fi connectivity, lowered broadcasting power, and maxed out my password for the router - all passwords and passphrases are generated from software following all the necessary security precautions and guidelines for password and passphrase development.

I would be very surprised if passwords were broadcast in the clear. According to Netmon when I watched a cameras traffic from power on to connected everything looks secure. But this may be an issue you need to open a support ticket for a definitive answer.

Submit a Support Request

During the process of setting up a support ticket, a link was provided concerning camera security where it described the security protocols and encryption techniques employed. This question may be closed as the passphrase is encrypted to my satisfaction. Thank you for your reply!

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I am glad to hear you found a satisfactory answer to your concerns. Enjoy!