Why do the cams now require WPA or higher security?

I just bought another V2 and I can’t connect it to the same SSID I have my other cam on because the new one is requiring an encrypted SSID. I can’t think of any reason why the option to proceed without a password has been removed. While I understand the importance of encrypted WAPs I also understand that a lot of people live in areas where they are far away from main roads, and other homes, so there is no need to encrypt their WAPs. Is there any way I can get around this with my new camera? I was thinking that maybe I could roll the firmware back in the cam, but I’m pretty sure this limitation is in the app and not in the cameras.

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Hey there Smcnally75,

Encrypted networks are very vital as anyone with access to your home network can view all of your cameras live, record them, hear them, and really can’t do anything good.


As I mentioned, I understand the importance of encrypted networks…I’ve worked in the home automation/integration industry for the last 20 years. But, there are cases where people have reasons for not using (or needing) it, and the option to encrypt should be left to them and should not be forced upon them by a device they want to put on their network.

I agree!
I’ve a house that is far from a public highway, no one is going to put resources into hacking my WiFi so they can watch my flowers grow or my cows graze.

But in many instances they can’t do anything bad either.

It should be the end users option to determine the level of security they need.

I may not care if everybody can see my cows.

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Same here…All my cameras are in horse stalls and one facing my driveway so I know when the pizza delivery is arrives :rofl:

People do use cameras for monitoring and not necessarily for security, too.

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There is a #wishlist topic on this, but Wyze is probably not going to change their minds on this.


Can I ask, what harm would having the WiFi secure cause? Even if there is a need for unsecured access for guests, etc, most routers have the option of a guest network SSID for that purpose while the cameras and owners can be on the secured side.

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To me all security can be a pain.
Just because someone 1,000 miles away needs to have 2FA and 12 character passwords to protect their valuables doesn’t mean I need it to watch my trees grow.

I never said enabling security could “cause harm”. But, for people who live in areas where they don’t have to worry as much (or at all) about secure Wi-Fi, it is stupid to have to enable it just for this camera. Your comment is like asking a person who lives hundreds of miles from anyone else “What harm would having to lock your house, every time you exit it, cause you when it can prevent the 1 in 1,000,000 chance that someone could walk into your house while you are mowing the lawn?”. There are a lot of people who don’t live in cities or even suburbs.

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Fair enough, I live in a rural area also and don’t always bother locking the door. I was just curious if there was something I wasn’t thinking of that would make securing WiFi more difficult on a daily basis. Unlike locking and unlocking my door every time, I only ever have to enter a WiFi password once when I add a new device since they all remember it, or maybe again if I reset a device.

But some of us add things frequently and typing on the darn phone screen is a pain.

I disagree,
Everyone should be concerned about security these days. Hell the pizza guy could be the one you need to worry about.
There are attacks that happen now through gaining access to an insecure device on the network.
Once in the network… let imagination run.


Oh please. Paranoia will destroy ya. I’ve been in the HA industry for 20 years. There are plenty of reasons not to need this level of security, not the least of which is that other equipment might not support it. Wyze should restore this as a “I know what I’m doing” option.

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I agree but then there is also the other side of the argument that the clueless users (those that set up things with “password” for password) will get hacked and sue.

I’m not aware of any other camera that has this restriction, so they’d really have no case.

I feel your pain, I too hate trying to enter passwords on my phone especially long random ones. Might I suggest the solution that I use? I have a note with the password in it that I can copy and paste and or text to another so I don’t have to do the typing.