Cam times out

SO long story short I had to redo my network. The SSID is the same but i changed the passphrase. I could not get the cams back connected. So I reset the cam itself. Same issue even after. So long story short every time I try to connect through the app it just says connection timed out.

If you changed the pass phrase you need to setup the cameras from scratch again. Basically push the button on the bottom and release. The camera will start saying “Ready to connect”. Go into the app and press the 3 dots “…” menu and select Add Product then the camera type.

You will need to do this for each camera. You don’t have to remove them first just give them the same name again.

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Only if you can get to the bottom to push the button.

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You have to push that button and scan the QR code anyway. No other way to change either the SSID or Password or both.

I just did this on all of my Cams when I had to change my WiFi SSID and Password.

Wyze could make a way.

Yep, and there is a #wishlist item as well I believe. Right now however you have to do it the manual way.

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I tried that and the cam just times out and never connects. That is why I did a reset. It let me put the new passphrase in and all, it just times out no matter what I do.

A few things to check:

  • Are you using a different router or mesh system that has the 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz bands sharing the SSID name?
  • Make sure the passphrase does not have a leading or trailing space
  • Some special characters may not work. I have used hyphens and underscores, but I have not tested any others.
  • The SSID can be no longer than 31 characters, and the passphrase can’t be longer than 128. (I have no idea who would ever do that, but…)
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