Camera on a stick

I bought a robotic vacuum before Wyze came out with there’s. It doesn’t have a mapping feature so it gets lost sometimes. Crawling on the ground can be difficult for many people. I would like to have a camera that I can look under things like beds and dressers with. It would be also good to see on top of things too. The outdoor cam has a battery witch would be needed to use without wires. A extendable stick so you can see higher things too. Another essential use would be looking around corners while pretending to be a spy. And other such games.

You can make your own by purchasing a telescopic monopod or selfie stick with length-adjustable 1/4-20 stud. If selfie stick, needs to be heavy-duty to support weight of WCO cam when stick is extended (monopods don’t have this issue). Stud needs to be adjustable for length as the threaded hole in the bottom of the WCO cam is recessed. Pull the magnetic base from Wyze Cam Outdoor and screw the cam onto monopod/selfie stick. It does work very well for viewing tight, dark, inaccessible spaces.


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Don’t overlook the possibility of using your phone with a selfie stick (which despite the name is good for more than that). One advantage is the phone is a lot slimmer than a typical camera.

There are also borescope cameras that put a tiny camera on a flexible cable for getting into small spaces, such as inside walls.

I have tried a couple options to build something but I was thinking of people like my parents who some limited movement and could fine it useful.

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