Camera Notification Speed

Did not want you to think I forgot about the test. :slight_smile:

Just did a quick test to see which is faster v2 or v3.


  • Controlled environment (In My Garage)
  • Cam Plus enabled with Person and Face Detection Only. No Cam Plus Lite on these Camera’s
  • All Motion Detection is off
  • Will Do Alexa Notification later today


Device Notification From Time
Cam V3 App Notification 5 seconds
Cam V2 App Notification 11 seconds


Device Notification From Time
Cam V3 App Notification 5.3 seconds
Cam V2 App Notification 11.1 seconds

Testing two other camera’s in my office

  • Cam v2 - Cam Plus Lite
  • Cam v3 - Cam Plus

NOTE - All Motion are on for both Camera’s

Device Notification From Time
Cam V3 App Notification 4.38 seconds
Cam V2 App Notification N/A - Not Alerting


Device Notification From Time
Cam V3 App Notification 4.9 seconds
Cam V2 App Notification N/A not Alerting

NOTE - Person Detection are on for both Camera’s


Device Notification From Time
Cam V3 App Notification 5.13 seconds
Cam V2 App Notification 19.2 seconds


Device Notification From Time
Cam V3 App Notification 5.2 seconds
Cam V2 App Notification 18.5 seconds

Hey there everyone!

I have recently completed a very long, drawn out DM exchange with one of the Wyze Devs in response to a post I left on the Fix it Friday thread wherein I posted many logs because I have been not only getting notifications delayed longer, but also missing many notifications for events that are populated to the Events cloud and tagged as AI Events. I was getting less than 50% of my notifications for CamV3 that had confirmed CamPlus with AI detection on and notifications on. The VDB1 was much worse.

At any rate, I found this reply interesting:

" This is what is happening for your notification issue.

Right now, for “Wyze AI notifications”:

1. The AI service first processes the AI information from the detected frames.
2. If the AI service is able to finish the processing within 3-6 secs then the AI push notification is sent.
3. If AI processing takes longer than 6 secs, a generic push notification is sent “Motion Detected”
4. Once the AI processing is complete the event still gets the AI tag (Person, Pet, vehicle, package etc).
5. Since “All other motion” notification is disabled those generic notifications won’t be sent.

For some of your events, the AI service took longer than 6 sec to process the frames coz of which you did not get notifications.

This is certainly something we can work on improving on our end so that it does not cause such confusions to the customers."

It seems to me that the slowdown in AI notifications as well as the loss in notifications is being directly affected by the AI Service interrogation speed and this magical 6 second time hurdle.

If the subscriber base grows faster than the processing capability of the AI Service Bot’s physical processing ability, wouldn’t it be logical to conclude that there is a logjam in the servers running the Bots? Thus delaying interrogation speed and notification speed.

And, why the arbitrary limit of 6 seconds and then a different type of notification that may not be delivered if you have your settings for “all other motion off”? If I turned that on I would have thousands of notifications a day. Why not an AI tagged notification regardless of how long it took?

It almost seems that Wyze anticipated the need for the generic push after 6 seconds with the knowledge that the Bots weren’t going to be able to keep it below 6 seconds.

At any rate, I am going to bring this up in the next Fix it Friday if someone doesn’t beat me to it. I am paying for a service that I am not getting and the time lags and missing notifications do not agree with the Wyze HMS model of threat assessment and prevention.

I welcome your thoughts on this. There are some of you who really get it and have helped me immensely. You know who you are :heart: Thx!


Great information. Similar explanation provided to me in the past. Was not provided the timeline, 3-6 seconds, But that does explain it though.

Thanks for posting.

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Thanks so much @spamoni . Your last tests 3 and 4 are obviously pretty close to the times I’m getting on V2s. Do you think the Lite tier is purposely throttled / deprecated? It would be understandable I suppose…

I am will get the Non AI from the CPL Camera’s. As for the throttling, I cannot say if they are or are not, but it is a big difference from the Cam V3 with Cam Plus. And Definitely a difference if you look at the Cam V2’s where one is on CPL and the other is on CP.

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It could also be related to that first few second sampling thing. Perhaps that only applies to Plus processing.

Could be, but my testing is problematic in that, if I turn Person Notification off and keep All motion, I get nothing. I turn All Motion and Person On and I get notifications. But every time I get notified, it is normally 19 seconds or more. so there is a delay somewhere. Cam Plus is much faster

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Maybe this is the wrong place for this, but my issue isn’t so much notification speed(which is delayed too but doesn’t bother me), rather than motion detection speeds… I’ve had packages left of my doorstep, but no video on my door cam with cam plus, also happens on my outdoor cam with motion detection not happening until deer WALKING by from left to right, are almost out of the frame… Just curious if that is the same issue as the notification delay?

If you have the battery powered Wyze Cam Outdoor then the extra delay is expected.

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I expected a delay since it is wireless and has to go from the cam, to the hub, to my router. But i didn’t think that there would be a delay with motion detection. Same with the hard wired door bell…

I can’t speak to the doorbell - it should work - but the Wyze Cam Outdoor has to wake from a low power state when its PIR motion detection senses movement. It always misses a second or two, from what I understand. (I own neither. :wink: )


They have been working on the doorbell AI issues for some time. Not sure what the issues were, but the Wyze Dev team DM’d me to get my logs when I was having issues with notifications. Was supposed to get better with last FW. I am logging everything this week to submit a progress report.

My VDB1 is catching motion at a much better rate (too much better) so I am getting pretty accurate event tagging along with some detection zone activations for other motion and tagging outside the zone… I need to trim my bushes.

Have you tried to bump up the sensitivity to see if it activates quicker? Also, do you have any detection zone set? Also, are all the AI settings on for person, package, vehicle etc?

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I have been experiencing delays of minutes usually mid to early evening.

All V3 cameras and some with AI

For example I went into my garage and then sat on couch and a few minutes later got a notification so I looked and it was me. It was so long I thought it was a new notification and here it was from minutes before. I submitted logs and tried to submit support and the reply is this is an unmonitored email box but here is your log number and when you try to submit a trouble ticket it says submit a log. Catch 22. It sounds to me like they are selling more cameras than their servers can handle. Maybe I could be moved to another server or server farm that isn’t soooo bogged down ?

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@chad1, you are a highly skilled carpenter! You hit the nail on the head! Unfortunately, every user is swimming around in the AWS server cloud together and Wyze only rents space there. I am thinking they need to rent a bigger pool so we get an upgrade from the kiddie pool.

But, to be fair, 5G\LTE and internet can also be bogged down at peak by traffic as well.

Notification latency and notification loss. See this post and scroll up a half dozen posts or so to see the discussion;


I think this aspect of their service can use some improvement too. It takes a bit of luck to get the logs to where they can actually be deciphered. I have had luck here in the forums, but also in support.

Logs and tickets go first but mean nothing if the right people aren’t looking at them. The Customer Support (CS) Wizards from the chats and email cannot access any logs, they have to forward them to the developers AFTER they can’t solve the issue. So, you have to enter CS, give them the logs, go thru their scripts and canned responses, and then request that they forward your logs to a a developer on the Wyze Team to have it looked at. I have received email support from a developer after that.

If enough of us keep ringing the bell :bell: on this… We may see improvement.

Hi, I’m in the same boat as you. I bought a Wyze v3 cam to monitor the front door to our store, in case my wife or I was in the back when a customer came in. I was really disappointed when I set it up and found the motion detection notification took 20-30 seconds to reach our iPhones even though we have a strong wifi signal throughout the building. Did you find a cam that gives you a 1-2 second notification for motion? I’m surprised that it is so difficult to find information online regarding notification delivery times for cams. 20-30 seconds is useless, there has GOT to be better solutions out there.

The reason for this is because there are a host of factors affecting this. Even though you are on a strong WiFi with the cam, the notification isn’t being sent from the cam to your phone.

The Wyze Cam activates on motion and begins to upload the video to the Wyze server thru the WiFi (subject to local connectivity variances, interference, network congestion), thru your ISP (plan speed throttling, congestion, geographical location), Thu the interwebs to the AWS Wyze server (congestion, distance) where it is then processed. If you have just motion notifications on, one is sent back through that same path to your phone app and is again subject to impedence. If you have AI tag notifications on, a notification won’t be sent from the server until the AI Bot tags an object, which takes more time depending on how busy the bots are and how many servers are running.

If you are on cellular data, add that lag time into the mix since all carriers are different and all prioritize.

Because every com path is different for every user, and the impedance factors endlessly variable, there is no way to publish a standard notification time.

Are there any security cameras out there that can detect motion and send a notification to your phone WITHOUT having to access servers online? I don’t mind paying extra for a camera with more hardware features if it provides me with (near) real time notifications when it detects motion. That’s the only feature I need this camera to provide. (I don’t even need the thing to record)

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That I a good question and one for which I have no answer. I am only familliar with Wyze cams.

Perhaps other users will chime in with some suggestions.

Hmmm… I guess nobody else on this forum needs quick motion detection notifications. From what I’ve found online, it looks like I’ll need some sort of camera + hub setup to “process” the motion locally and speed up the notification process. One option is an Apple HomeKit setup, with an AppleTV as the hub and a “HomeKit certified” (ie expensive) camera like the Logitech Circle View. What I haven’t been able to ascertain yet is do I need an iCloud account if I don’t need to keep recordings from the camera?