Camera names not showing

Is anyone using the production version of the app and having issues seeing the camera names in the top left of the camera views either in single or group view? He is currently on Android. I’m not using the public version of the app so I’m not as well versed in it as someone else might be.

A friend of mine is not able to see them in his app at all either any of his cameras or cameras I share with him and I’m just wondering how widespread this is

No camera names in the top left

Check the group settings. I am not production either but it should have a similar setting

I don’t know about the single view, I’ve never had it on the top left in single view, only displays the camera in the top center. Do they have a group of one where this setting applies also?

Wow, of all the things I know how to do somehow I overlooked this simple setting all of this time…do I feel like a goof

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