Show camera name shown in all views

I’d like the option to show the camera name in all camera views, similar to how it is done in multiview.

Hi, gemniii! We just checked and you can see the camera name in the live stream and Playback (in landscape mode you may need to press on the screen but then the name displays at the top of the screen). Could you please give us more detail about what you’re looking for?

I’ve a group “here” with 2 cameras, y1.55 and v4.33,

By switching on Show Camera Name in group settings I can see the camera name.
I’d like that option to show up when I view full screen, without having to tap the screen and getting the full menu (camera name, resolution, speed, speaker, take picture, record, mike).


Thanks, gemniii! We appreciate you walking us through it. :slight_smile:

Name of camera on video

It would be nice to have the name of the camera on the video feed when viewing individual cameras. It does it in multi-cam view, I’d also like it when I’m watching just one cam.