Camera List -- how about a snapshot of current live view

Just started using my wyze cams and the first thing I noticed is when I load the camera list, the image is from the last live view of the camera that I looked at. How about getting a current snapshot and loading it on the camera list, it doesn’t have to be super quick, just enough to see what’s going on in our location.


That’s all :slight_smile:

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It might take longer for it to load of there are a lot of cameras so it would definitely need to be an optional thing that can be turned on and off or if the developers can load only snapshots of the cameras that is visible on the phone’s screen (if that is programmatically possible).

I would like the live view at the list of cameras as well.

Yeah, this is a bit frustrating. My current home video server (Security Spy) always shows a current snapshot. When you open the app or the web interface, it immediately refreshes with one frame from all cameras. It’s confusing to see my garage camera showing a daylight photo at 10pm until I open it. One practical part of this is that before going to bed I can just glance at a view of all the snapshots and see that gates and doors are closed, etc.


+1 on this, it’s just odd to see a night shot on the camera list when the sun is out :slight_smile:

Although, sometimes the old preview is kind of cute…