Camera falls

My camera took a fall last night and now the pic looks like this

Now the picture has a purple color to it.

Looks like the Infrared filter has gotten stuck in the lens. It’s a little filter driven by a solenoid to slide into place when night vision turns on or off.
Try manually turning night vision on then off several times from Settings/Advanced Settings/Night Vision Mode. See if it makes a difference. It might free it up
If not, you can try Power Cycling It. If that fails, you can try a Factory Reset.
If all that fails try Wyze Support. Let them know what you have already done to save time. Red


You did it again @tomp that did the job.

Nice to know the cameras can take a fall or two.


Tomp, great job… You are appreciated


Thank you.

Glad that worked! I wouldn’t recommend going for fall #2 though😢