Camera clock is erratic

I have 2 V2 indoor cams. The clock on both does not count smoothly. During the time jumps images will disappear off the screen, The seconds will count like this 02, 03, 07, 10, 14, 19 etc etc. I have disabled all recording and formatted the sd card. These cams are not usable to monitor a space. I have new Android 10 tablets and laptop running windows 10 with current updates. Any ideas and how to make the Wyze cams usable? Thank, Robert also the firmware is current. I have tried powering the cams off and on.

First thought is that you are seeing a symptom of poor WiFi connectivity. Nothing to do with the clock. You said images disappear from the screen. Do you mean that the images goes away (as in goes black) or the image freezes?

Question-what software are you using to view the cams under Windows 10?

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During the time of clock counting gaps the image will go away. Example, car driving along the road and either jumps a few feet or completely gone. The surrounding trees and buildings remain shown. Thanks for the reply

using bluestacks for the laptop. I mostly use the app on an android tablet.

If you are streaming from V2s to multiple devices at once, that could be an issue.

Is Hardware Decoding enabled under Account tab > App Settings? (I don’t know if that works on Bluestacks).


Just to clarify - if you have an SD card in and do View Playback does the playback skip also?

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Hello, and thanks for the reply, gotta love this forum. I just enabled Hardware Decoder and the problem of jumpy video has stopped. I’ve had these V2 cams for 2 years and have been dealing with the jumpy video since then. I never knew about the HD and thank you Newshound.

I recently formatted the SD card so I can’t comment on smooth playback. Thanks gemniii for the reply and thank you for this forum.