Camera blink on home screen

How come now the cameras blink on my home screen whenever there is an event recorded? I dont like that. Any way to stop this?

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What do you mean by blink? Could you send a screenshot/screen recording?

The cams status light will turn solid red when recording, but there shouldn’t be any indication on the apps Home page

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In the app on my home screen where i can view my cameras, if any of my cameras has had a motion event that camera will blink on my home screen in the app. It never did this before the update. Iv had wyze cams now for 4 years

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I have also noticed a systematic blinking of the home screen icon thumbnails and the status indicator of other devices. When I open one device then go back to the home screen device list, the thumbnails will blink as though their image is being refreshed automatically.

Perhaps this is something that Wyze has implemented in response to requests for the thumbnails to be updated on a more freequent basis rather than using the image of the last live view. Updating the thumbnail on each uploaded Event would give users a more accurate thumbnail image of the last seen activity rather than the last live view.


Excatly. I only want it to refresh when i choose too