Cam v4 phone in horizontal position

When the cam v4 recording to cloud and want to scroll through recorded events I don’t find anyway to scroll through recorded events when the screen in horizontal position, you could do that when scrolling throught recorded events from MicroSd only??

The WYZE app does not work in the landscape (Horizontal Position) except for Live view or playing back a video from either the events page or the SD.

The app does not work from your reply thats not good because I am as probably many like to view in landscape…

To support a potential expanded landscape orientation feature, give this small existing wishlist a read and vote to help along!

If I want to view my V4 in landscape I just tap the box on the top right corner. If I want to see all the cameras I just view the cams on my.wyze

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I think you sent me such thing before??

No I sent you a video of my iPhone changing from portrait to landscape by turning the phone.The top photo is from my iPad in the landscape position.