Cam V3 includes glass break?

The latest email advertisement indicated that the Cam V3 can detect a glass break!!!

“Receive an alert the moment Wyze Cam hears glass break, or a smoke or CO alarm go off.”

Is this true? If so this is huge to the home monitoring service.

I need more info!!

Welcome to the community @muellerj307 . I like you am a community member, but try to help out where I can.

I personally have not seen that email, will need to look for it. However, in reviewing the event options and notifications, I do not see where it says Glass Breakage sounds. All I see if CO2 and Smoke Alarms.

If I find something, I will let you know.

@carverofchoice @R.Good , have either of you seen this before?


@muellerj307 , I was looking at all the settings and it may be possible, waiting for confirmation though.

Here are the screens, notice you can select Event Sound, and the Notifications for Sound. This kind of implies that if it hears a sound to notify you. The CO2 and Smoke are more of an Alarm process as shown in the third screen:

Event and Notification for Sounds

CO and Smoke Alarm - ancillary to sound notifications

Here is what the email said:

Here is what I’ve seen as being officially said about Glass break sensing up to now from the Wyze AMA’s this year:

So Wyze said glass break sensors were being worked on, and a Wyze employee was asked about making this work with Wyze cams to have the AI detect it, and they said they would bring it up with the AI team and that it might already be in the works. Now we get an email saying that the cams are capable of doing this.

I will say that right at this very moment it is not available on the public or public beta version of the app/cam plus, so while I don’t have any special knowledge of this myself, I am simply logically deducing based on this public email that glass break detection is likely something being tested in some kind of alpha testing or a closed beta test right now that will be publicly available in the near future if the email is announcing it (for all I know it also might have been a mistake/mistype/misunderstanding by whomever typed the email?).

Honestly, if it is Wyze’s way of making a subtle announcement, it is a very cool announcement! But as of right now, the only sound detections I see either available or possible with the public beta are the ones that say “Pilot” right now:

And “Pilot” means they aren’t fully released to production use yet, but they are in public beta testing (on some cams).

Based on this public email, I now expect (my personal guess) that we’ll soon see “Glass break” as one of these pilot options soon. But I don’t see it yet. I’m going to keep a watch on the Wyze AI sub-forum:

That is where I would expect @WyzeShawn to make an announcement or clarification about this. Maybe he’ll even pop in here to clarify it for us. I would not be surprised at all to hear Wyze is going to have this available in the upcoming future. After all, the AI team has been looking into every way possible they can leverage the AI to provide as much benefit as possible, so this seems like an obvious step they would attempt and take. The question is when…and as of this very minute it is not an option, so while cam plus is still pretty amazing, please don’t buy cam plus right now thinking you’ll have glass break detection today.


And here is the email screen shot for reference since @carverofchoice covered all the finite details😉

Dang he’s Good.


A true glass break detector detects the sound of breaking glass and pressure change after glass has broke, the camera would not be able to detect the pressure change without added components.

The Wyze HMS system is just a cheap toy alarm system compared to a real UL listed Alarm system, the HMS may have UL listed monitoring but lacks the UL approval as far as the equipment.

I would NOT trust a Wyze product for protection of life and property at all given their track record.

I have the public beta app installed, and while I am allowed to detect meow, woof, talking, or crying, when I try to select either the glass break or gunshot options that are listed I get a pop-up telling me that I need to purchase their cam protect package for $39.99 per camera per year. That’s more than the cost of a V3 camera itself!
Having 10 cameras on my property, the extra $400.00 per year is prohibitive, Seems a little backward that I can detect a cat meowing as part of my cam plus package, but detecting potential life-threatening sound events cost you a hefty premium. Dumbing down technology that is already in use on the device gets on my nerves sometimes. But I try not to complain too much, since the cost of the cams and the annual cam plus plan allow me to get a lot of more coverage of my property vs the 2 cams I would get for the same price through my alarm company.