Cam V2 bricked after Firmware update and Wyze refuses to honor warranty

I had 2 brand new Pan Cams brick on their first OTA firmware updates. They wouldn’t even update using an SD card. So maybe - just maybe - firmware updates can brick a cam. This happened after having used Wyze cams (and other Wyze products) for some years.


Agreed. However, the “variable” may be due to large hardware manufacturing tolerances. And that may be due to cheap(er) hardware.

Cannot believe the Wyze apologists above.

A warranty is a warranty and Wyze used to be Wyze. If a product is defective and Support has verified it as in this case, it is a clear cut case.

Whether the Wyze offer is a $5 or $15 shortfall is completely beside point. No debate should be required. In fact, in this case, Wyze spent more money pushing back when they could have simply honored their warranty.

Some Wyze customers might have money to burn. Others are buying Wyze gear because they don’t wish to spend 2-5 times the money.

While we have lots of Wyze gear, we’ve backed away from buying more for now until something improves.

  • The defective V1 security sensors.

  • Kinda tired of saying “Alexa, living room lights off”… and all the TP-Link smart plugs or bulbs respond immediately… but the Wyze bulb lags behind - and visa versa.

  • The OutdoorCam whose battery life is no where near specs.

  • The inconsistent WyzeCam motion detection. Have put v2’s next to each other and v3’s next to each other with identical app settings and the results are wildly different.

  • The Wyze watch that performs inconsistently (OK, I forgive some of that because it was really cheap.)

Off rant…


It doesn’t matter if it was bricked by a firmware update or something else. The point is that the camera is under warranty and Wyze isn’t honoring the warranty. I had two v2 cameras that failed because the night vision stopped working and they were both under warranty. I too was told that I could receive the $15.00 credit and after two weeks of arguing they suddenly told me that they had the v2 camera in black and would I accept that. If this is what Wyze is doing, we all need to stop buying from them. They went from a great tech support group to a really bad one overnight which is unacceptable. Buyer beware! When my floor lamp arrives, it will be my last item purchased from Wyze. What will be next that they won’t stand behind. A warranty is a legal binding contract and if something dies and is no longer available it must be replaced with an equal or higher value product. It’s not our fault they raised the prices on the v3 camera.


Since V2s are no longer sold by Wyze itself, he must have bought his at that price from a 3rd party. He is demanding a full reimbursement from Wyze for something he bought elsewhere.

Not very reasonable. He should contact the seller instead.

V3s are being sold at Microcenter for $30,

I just bought 2 brand new V2 cameras from Amazon, an authorized Wyze reseller. Does that mean the warranty is no good? Got them last week.

Based on the volume of dissatisfied v2 owners, I suggest a class action lawsuit against Wyze for fraud. Let’s see a response from users.

What I mean is, if he bought them at a jacked up price, he shouldn’t hold Wyze responsible for 3rd party’s marked up price. Wyze isn’t selling V2s at $30, which is the amount he’s demanding.

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that’s funny.

I don’t think the OP necessarily wants a refund. What is required from Wyze is to honor the warranty and replace the camera(s) with an equivalent model. Today that would mean either V2s from some stash somewhere or V3s. If the OP has a receipt from a valid reseller, then Wyze should refund the purchase price since it is Wyze’s product that failed, not the resellers and it is Wyze’s warranty.

Where is @WyzeGwendolyn on all this? This seems to be something that should really concern Wyze.

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This was quoted from his post

He wants a full refund from Wyze for money he paid to another company, in excess of what Wyze sells the item for.

He wants a camera OR a refund…

Wyze can’t give him a V2; it’s out of production. If this were required from all companies, then I’ll buy any old car and take advantage.

Wyze states in the warranty same or similar product if original is no longer available.

Obviously it can’t be done because there’s nothing to give him. You don’t fire up a whole factory just for this single customer.

Again, take the car analogy, he’s being offered the current market value of the item, one he bought from a third party. That’s reasonable.

The V3 would be the equivalent product that Wyze currently offers and should be the replacement. Your analogy of the car doesn’t apply since most warranties are for the original purchaser only. Also the $30 is the cost to replace the V2 with a V3, not the price paid.

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He can go sue Wyze for a $30 item. Let’s see how that goes. Wyze is being reasonable here.

That’s not the point. Wyze is ignoring warranty claims by numerous people not just this one.

Here is the Warranty information from Wyze which would include a full refund:

Wyze warrants to the original owner of the Product that the Product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date you purchased your Product from Wyze or an authorized retailer (the “ Warranty Period ”) Wyze will, at its sole option, either (a) repair or replace any defective Product or component or (b) accept the return of the Product and refund the money actually paid by the original purchaser for the Product to the payment method used by the purchaser. This warranty is not transferable and applies only to the original purchaser.

You’ll note it says full price if purchased from an authorized reseller.


They can start a class action suit if they want, but since Wyze is trying to accommodate them for an item that’s out of production, I don’t think there’s a big chance of success.

The point is that Wyze is ignoring the commitment made in the warranty, not just on these cameras but on other products as well. I understand they are trying to cut their losses by offering a minimal amount to someone but take a look at other posts on this forum. Multiple users are complaining about firmware destroying their cameras, many of them who have the V2s so they can run the Wyze car that won’t work without them. Those users have destroyed multiple cameras trying to make the car work. Wyze specifically said the car will ONLY work with V2s which are now out of production so they not only have broken cameras but useless car.

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