Cam problem

why when you close app on your phone the camera stops recording

Witch camera, what phone and version of Android, do you have an SD card installed and if so what size is it, and are you using CAMPLUS ? This info should help us all help you.

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Sounds like you are using the manual record button on the live or playback pages. That is a manual record that records straight to your device, and when the live or playback is exited, or the app is closed, it stops recording. I personally use this to save small clips that I want to save, it’s not a good choice for full time recording. This:

If you have a sd card in the camera, go into settings and enable the local storage. Now without anymore input from you, the camera is recording to its sd card. You need to do nothing else, don’t need to be in app, etc. You can view this by going into playback while in live view.

If you have the cloud recording enabled, it’ll record clips to the cloud, which is then viewed in the events tab off the main page.

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