CAM Plus Trial forced signup

Yep, you can (to my understanding).

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Nice thanks…do you know if you have to sign up for one over the other first?

I think they’re independent of one another. The important thing is to accept the Blame Our Price offer before it expires this week.

As you may know the experiment offer is for all cameras on the account while CamPlus is per camera.

Yep got ya

Removing the service from the camera should do the trick in the app. Thanks for bringing up this issue! I’ll share it with the team.

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August 28, 2020

October 13, 2020

I recently bought a another cam from Wyze and saw that it forced a free trial for Cam Plus. My first cam didn’t do this. Will I be charged at the end of the free trial? I can’t find a way to cancel it.

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You won’t be charged.
You can’t cancel it. Nice eh?
You can remove it from your camera in the app under Account > Services > Cam Plus?.

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The “Team” obviously doesn’t care.


There is no longer a “Team” it is now “Us v Them”

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@WyzeGwendolyn ! It’s been a year!

Still no way to avoid this FORCED SIGNUP?!? };<

I have a number of cams, some v2 and some v3. One of my v2 cams died (cannot find network that another camera 6 feet away is connected to, video clitches when it does connect, etc)

OK, no big deal, it’s a $20 Chinese camera, and I’ve got a spare v2 from when I got the v3s.

Connect, read the QR code, etc… “Here’s your free trial- SUBMIT.”

Umm, well, no thanks, I’ve got a paid subscription I’d like to apply to this cam.

“Too bad, enjoy your free trial.”

No info at all about specific cams on the website (see screenshot), and no options at all for my replacement cam (ShopBackEntry) on the app.

I guess I’ll ride out the free trial, and then in 14 days have to hassle with this again to cancel my UNWANTED FREE TRIAL, and apply the PAID SUBSCRIPTION I already have.

Please share this with anyone who cares at Wyze.

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That shouldn’t take long. :grinning:
This is obviously the way Wyze wants the software to work.

Recently I have been able to avoid the trial by completely exiting the Wyze app at the point where they try to force the trial.


Yeah, apparently. :confused:

Thanks, I did that and it worked.

It did work. That is, the users found a way around Wyze’s company policy. :frowning:

I came back to celebrate that the hysterical daily emails of “OMG! YOUR CAM+ TRIAL IS RUNNING OUT!!!1!” finally quit, after weeks.

I eventually hit “Unsubscribe all”.

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I have 5 wyze cams. I bought these several years ago, knowing that I could access video alerts. now I can only see one still image per alert. To be able to see the video, I must subscribe to the paid subscription for each camera (5 subscriptions). This is theft ! It is an illegal practice. I want a full refund for my 5 cameras!

Welcome to the user forums @renemilone!

The forums are user to user info exchange on how to work thru problems and resource answers. You won’t find many Wyze employees here as they do not regularly read or monitor the forums. There are ways to get in touch with them though if you know specifically who it is you need to contact.

You can contact Customer Support if you want:
(206) 339-9646, or you can chat with an agent or create a ticket on the support site .
Open for support between 4 am - 6 pm PT Monday through Friday, and 8 am - 4 pm PT Saturday.

As for your post… Wyze did change their services platform from a 3 tier to a 4 tier offering. The new tier is the base free plan with thumbnail events. All other tiers need licenses.

This was announced long ago and widely distributed and publicized although not everyone got the information.

No worries though. It is all here in the forum. You can still keep your 12 second video clips, SD card recordings, 5 minute cooldown, etc. But, you have to take some time to subscribe to a license (it can be free too) and assign your cams. Here are some good resources to view and read:


Nice, @SlabSlayer . Keep the ink fresh in you stamp pad. You’re going to need that post a lot…


I got an email notification about this thread, so I came back to check it out. A thread about “forced signup”, mind you.

Here’s what my phone showed me, since I have a version of Firefox that was released in the dim mists of the past, on July 28, 2020.

1 year and 8 months old, and Wyze Forum completely doesn’t load. :roll_eyes:

Hmmm, perhaps it’s time to release the fox :fox_face: back into the wild!

Wyze should make it a smooth transition from Cam Plus back to Cam Plus Lite after the trial is over instead of gimping the camera into taking photos only. I shouldn’t have to do this convoluted process to get my camera working again after the forced trial.