Cam plus subscriptions

If I purchase these lic does the 1 year start at time of purchase or when I activate each one?

I have many cams at various stages of licenses and even have new one that will go off free trial in 13 days
I would like to purchase this lic for 4 only if they go 1 year active when I set camera to use the lic.
Thanks to all that respond. Have a Great Day!

This is the offer I recieved in an email.

For a limited time, you can get four licenses for $49.99/yr or $5.99/mo. That’s $10 off the annual plan (which is already super discounted from the monthly price). If you pay monthly, that’s like getting a license for free .

License starts on purchase date

I would be great for people like me that have 7 cameras, purchased at various times if these license would activate upon date that I associate them with a camera.
For example right now I need one lic and sould like to purchase the 4 pk lic as other cameras will need new lic in the future. You see what I am saying.

Please discuse this with others to see if it can be changed some day.


Not sure whom you think I should discuss this with as this is a USER forum and I am just another Wyze product user with no affiliation with Wyze whatsoever.

You have 7 cameras wouldn’t the 99 license for $99 a year be better anyways?
That’s $1.18/month per those 7 cameras and you could add up to 92 more cameras at anytime…

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Thanks for the reply. I thought you were customer service
Thanks for the advice.