Cam Plus Secret Code?

The giveaway from today’s email has an option for cam plus subscribers to enter a secret code for bonus entries, but I don’t see any code in my app. Is it showing for anyone? The instructions say to ‘check the message center in your account tab in the Wyze app. Make sure your Wyze app version is at least 2.22.XX’

My app is v2.22.21, so i should be good there, but if Message Center is the little chat dialog at the top right, I only see tabs there for Discover, Shop, and Device Sharing, and only Device sharing has anything in it.

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Yep, you’re in the right place. I found the code there, in the “Discover” tab in a message.

Also being sent to your e-mail now

I also don’t see anything on the discover tab. Are the giveaway only for U.S?

I found the code, copied it then tried to go to the ‘Sweepstakes’ page but all that was on the page was some graphic outlines… No box to post the code in.

same problem nothing in messages or email. ??? why?? i’m updated also!