Cam plus purchase with free refurbished V2 cam

Last Saturday (12/24), I purchased 1 year subscription of cam plus service. That purchase included a free refurbished V2 cam.

I only received the camera. I don’t see any code inside the package to activate the 1 year subscription. I didn’t get any email with activating code. I also don’t see the cam plus license in my account or the app. What’s the deal here?

Did you log into your account? It should show up there. Mine did.

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Yes. I just checked again in app and Wyze service website. I don’t see it.

Did your show up during/after setup the camera in app? I haven’t setup my camera yet.

Hmm, it showed up in my account when I checked the website first. Then it showed up in my app. You don’t need to set the cam up first for it to be there, that I know of.

I have the exact situation… we’re you able to get it resolved?

I didn’t have a problem with it. Was this maybe meant for tle, the original poster?

Yes it was… sorry :smirk:

I have the exact situation… we’re you able to get it resolved?

I contacted support. They asked me to purchase another subscription/license and they would refund the amount

Great. That’s what I had to do when my 1st one yr subscription had a glitch last year.

Thanks…… I contacted support and they had me purchase another annual annual plan and a refund us already on the way. :grinning: