Cam Plus off/on switch or button

Am I missing something? Do they offer yet a button or switch to turn off the AI temporarily? I’d love to come home and stop getting alerts on my phone every time I walk by an indoor camera. Switch could be set up to turn off certain cameras AI and leave others on (like outside)…

Sure. Just create a scheduled or shortcut rule that says turn off motion detection on that cam. You might want to also create a scheduled version of that that turns it back on when you don’t think you will trip it anymore.

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Sounds like one solution but my schedule changes all the time. I’d like a physical button that I can push or switch that would turn off the AI person, movement detection on certain cameras. It could still record on SD card but I wouldn’t get the alerts all the time while home. When I leave the house, push button or switch and - bam- AI detection is back on!

As Newshound replied, just create an “Off” shortcut and an “On” shortcut.

Wyze app Home > Add (+ symbol in upper left corner) > Add Rule > Shortcut > Type a short name in the text box like “Off” > Add Action > select one of your cams > Turn off notifications > Save > Add Action > repeat for as many cams as you desire, then Save what you created. Your shortcut appears at the top of the Wyze app Home page. Just press it once and all cams in your shortcut no longer alert you but still record. Create another shortcut for “On”.

You can edit/modify, rename, reorder or delete your shortcuts from Wyze app Home > Edit (pencil icon in upper right corner) > Edit Rules > tap a shortcut to edit or delete, long-press an entry and drag it to reorder.

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Ok. That is a great feature I didn’t know about. I’ve made the shortcuts and I’ll try it out. Thanks!