Cam Pan V3 Noise During PanScan

When live viewing Cam Pan V3 while in the PanScan mode the motor noise as it rotates to next viewpoint is crazy loud. Is this normal? I tried to attached a short clip so you can hear when it moves but forum says since I am new I cannot provide that info.

I don’t know how you quantify “crazy loud”, but I certainly hear motor noise when I move my Cam Pan v3s around during live viewing.

One way to work around the video issue, if you want to share and get feedback on that, is to upload the video to a sharing site (e.g., YouTube) and share the link in a post here.

Yes, that’s pretty normal. Think about it, the camera microphone is an inch or so from the pan/tilt motors, and those motors are loud enough that you can hear them across a quiet room. Of course the microphone an inch away is going to pick up the sound of the motors. Basic physics.

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