Cam Pan v3 - Ceiling/Eve/Soffit/Overhead/Magnetic Mount

I had an outdoor cam under an eave. Wanted to upgrade it to the new pan cam v3. Then realized it wouldn’t work with the magnetic mount already there. I thought about attaching a steel plate to the v3 so it would, but had issues with keeping the connection uncovered so I could take it down, if needed. So I came up with another solution that’s cheap and easy. I got an outlet cover for a cable connection and mounted the cam with its screw and a fender washer. Then mounted to cover plate to the eave. I can’t take it down easily, but the solution is very cheap and easy. Total cost is maybe $2…

I’m adding some pics. Hope it helps someone.


Nice Job. Looks very clean and stable. I have a similar setup for my V3’s, the only difference is that I ran a PoE Ethernet Cable, for Power only, to in the Eves so you don’t see the cable at all.

Wyze Cam Pan v3 horizontal mounting bracket

Make the Wyze Cam Pan v3 capable of mounting on a horizontal surface. The bracket supplied with the Wyze Cam Pan v3 only allows the camera to be mounted on a vertical surface. The older, not Pan, cameras can be mounted on a horizontal surface. They can be mounted under a soffit.

It doesn’t make sense to have a camera be able to pan 360 degrees, but only mount on a wall. Then 180 degrees of view are facing the wall!

Absolutely love the application @great.gonzos! That is genius! I had some scrap PVC board laying around from another project so I made mounting boards:


Was disappointed to find Cam Pan v3 did not have a magnet base like all my other Wyze Cams. Would like a strong mag base (even as an accessory) for Cam Pan v3

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If you have any extra parts, the magnetic base from the V3 will fit on the PanV3.

@dehatter posted that cam mount hack above :point_up:.


Mounting to the ceiling/eave of the roof

I would like to mount the Pan Cam 3 corner of my house but I would have to mount to the flat (horizontal) surface. There is no wall to mount the included bracket to and mounting it to the eave puts the image off by 90 degrees.

I found some options on Amazon, but think it would be nicer if the option was included in the box.