Cam Pan Not Showing Under Alexa Routines

I have an Alexa routine to have my Alexa devices announce when a person is detected at my front door. The last couple of days the routine have been broken because the camera (Cam Pan) by my front door is not showing up under routines. It shows up under my devices though. I noticed this issue on Monday & could not figure it out. I have been experiencing a couple of other issues so I deleted the camera in the Wyze app& started all over. I also deleted the device from the Alexa app. Everything was working Monday evening again but today it is not. Has anyone else experienced anything like this. What is odd is the contact sensor associate with this camera shows up. Please see the attached picture.

Long standing issue, no cure.

This is the first time that I have experienced this issue. Is it Wyze? Or a combination of both Wyze & amazon? The fact that I started over with that camera and it lasted just 24 hours pisses me off. WYZE HAS REALLY LOST MY CONFIDENCE. I am supposed to think that their home security system is going to work? I say Goodluck to all of the fools that jump on that band wagon.

I guess tomorrow I’ll have talk to support again.

Now I’m down to 3 working and 5 not. No idea why.

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If I rename the camera in the Wyze setting it will work anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days. Then I have to change the name back to the original person detection to work again.

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