Cam pan , Firmware , Low audio volume

I realized my audio is almost non existent because I have my wyzecam inside a cabinet…:blush:

I’ll have to test it outside the cabinet to see if the sound is still low…

Actually, when I recorded a video from the SD card playback, and I played it back on the saved album, the sound seemed to work fine. I did have to turn it to max volume though. This means there is some issue with the app with the sound when you are using the SD card playback.

Thank you :call_me_hand:t5:

@mixonepa I tested it with the cabinet open… The sound is still very faint and comes in and out. I never received a ticket after submitting app logs. I’ll try again. I don’t think it went through the first time.

My Wyze Ticket # is 190586

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Thank you for that, I’ll get it over to the team.

@WyzeLi @WyzeTao

Same with mine. Volume before update was only heard if a person talked a few feet away and that’s bad. After last update it can only record if you’re 1 ft away and hollar loudly. My other two cameras, a Samsung and a Flir can hear other room sounds. Not happy.


I beleive I’m having the same issue. I just went back and viewed some of my events on my pan that’s outside. I have to turn up the volume quite a bit to hear a vehicle when it goes by.

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My volume when listening through the Wyze Pan is perfectly fine and clear. My only problem is only when I try to talk to someone else through my phone. That’s when the sound bearly exists.

I have the same problem on two new cameras I just received. When first powered up, I could hear sound. First thing they wanted was firmware update. After the firmware update it’s very quiet. I can hear through headphones with volume at max. Until I tried with headphones I didn’t think mic was working at all.

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We’re looking into this now. If you’re experiencing this issue, could you please submit a log through Account > Help & Feedback > Report an Issue ? Please give it the subject “Muffled Sound” so that it’s easy for the techs to find with a search. We apologize for the trouble and appreciate you all bringing it up!


[Wyze Ticket 192596] Request received: Feedback: sound low

I have the same issue

I tried to send logs 3 times, on Mar 11, Never got a response with a ticket number , I finally got this message Mar 18
There is also a problem with the last message I sent to @Anjel

Delivery incomplete

There was a temporary problem delivering your message to . Gmail will retry for 46 more hours. You’ll be notified if the delivery fails permanently.
The response was:

The email account that you tried to reach is over quota. Please direct the recipient to Manage files in your Google Drive storage - Gmail Help j12sor5126065otq.126 - gsmtp

@WyzeGwendolyn If we have already submitted a log, do we need to submit another one?

Similar audio issues here, When talking from the microphone, the volume is very low. Also when attempting to listen on the phone, the sounds appears to be coming through the headset speaker versus the speakerphone and when adjusting the volume, its adjusting it like an in call volume.

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Having same issue with new Cam Pan. Set up a baby monitor in small bedroom. No sound unless you talk very loudly and within 1-2 feet of camera. I have noticed if you swipe the screen on the app to move the camera, it will pick up sound for a split second as the camera itself makes noise. Then it cuts back out unless noise is very loud or camera direction is changed from the app itself again (lasts only 1 sec)

I have a Cam V2 at my front door and it picks up almost all sound on the main level of my house.

Ticket# 192712


If you’ve already sent in a log, please just give me the support ticket number you received for it so that I can add it to our list for this investigation.

@HDRock, may I please have your ticket number from your conversation with Anjel?

@cheaplikeafox, please just give me the existing ticket number.

@jolvar, have you sent in a log for this?

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[Wyze Ticket 192747] Request received: Feedback: Muffled Sound

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Ticket number from my conversation with Anjel? [Wyze Ticket 116517] Re: Feedback: Notifications coming late

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Since the old ticket had been closed for a bit, you have a follow-up ticket number that is 116517. I see a response from yesterday at 11:10 in the morning that mentions checking your wiring. Is that the most recent response we should have or is there one missing?

I sent your ticket to the team! Thanks, jolvar. :slight_smile: