Cam Pan 1080 - stopped receiving notifications

I have 3 Cam Pan 1080s…two were purchased in December 2023. Ever since I upgraded to “Plus” I have stopped receiving notifications…and yes, I checked all the following that are in this link =

  • modem/router
  • Settings on iphone to be sure Wyze app notifications = ON
  • in Wyze app bell on home screen
  • for each device = notifications are ON and detection setting is on

Please help.

Barb Bernardo

Have you stopped receiving only notifications, but still get event videos in the event tab? Or do you not get events and notifications?

The link you provided is for the Home Monitoring Service, the correct area you should be looking for knowledge articles is here for the Pan Can V2 area (you tagged the topic pan cam V2):

I am still getting events but no notifications.