Cam no plus unlimited and water sensors

I also have the Wyze sense hub. I pay the base price for monitoring so I can have the water sensors. I do not pay for remote monitoring (call center). Can I cancel home monitoring and just have local with the sense hub? I am up for renewal on 28 May. I also have cam Plus unlimited and have that for quite some time.

If you only want an alert sent to your phone for a leak sensor, you don’t need home monitoring. The sensors will send push alerts to your phone without the service. That’s how I use the hub and sensors.

That’s how is have it set up now. I am just wondering about the new cam plus unlimited. Maybe it’s not active yet? The video I watched I could have sworn you hit the “monitoring” icon in the lower tray. When I do that it starts me on the process of setting up home monitoring. A bit confusing.

You may not have the current app. See if you need to update.

Latest as far as I can tell 2.50.6 (1)

Hmm… maybe I am looking for the wrong thing but I see nothing about multi cam or anything else. I do see “COMING SOON! Completely new…”. So maybe I am ahead of a rollout. Might just sit back and see what happens :slight_smile:

This is my monitoring tab:

This is services under account:

Interesting. I have the same under services. When I go to monitoring I get a setup screen and it asks me to set up my devices and they are already set up and working. I can try the setup tomorrow when I can get to the sensors. The whole start of things the fact that I have that home monitoring subscription. I am wondering if I cancel that I can still use my sensors or are they stepping on other. Appreciate the advice!

It seems like you have both HMS and Cam Unlimited, So you should see something like this:

When tap the floating camera icon on the left bottom, you should be able to see the multi-camera timeline view, without disrupting your HMS experience. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

I see this. I do not want to set up home monitoring. I only want to e water sensors to work. Can I cancel HMS and still use the water sensors? I have no reason or interest to set up a phone number etc. it I have to cancel HMS to use cam plus unlimited that would be rather silly. Can I have both? I would like to avoid paying $5/month for water sensors:)


Would it be possible to have a support person call me at [personal info removed] to help resolve this?

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I see, I think you should be able to use hub and water sensors without paying HMS if you don’t use the professional at all. You can cancel your HMS by go to to manage your subscription. I also tell our customer support team, they should be assisting you shortly. Thanks!

Thanks. I will cancel right away. Hopefully customer support can cancel it sooner to get it out of the way

@thismustbejunk It was very kind of @WyzeJxue to offer to contact support on your behalf. However, I want to point out that the forum is not the official Wyze support channel and users should not expect forum volunteers or Wyze employees to intervene or contact Wyze support on their behalf. The forum is primarily a user to user community, although Wyze employees do occasionally drop in to help out.

If you need to talk to a support agent in the future, please visit Customer Support. To get a phone number to call, click the chat icon in the lower right corner image and type in “agent”. Click thru the prompts and you will end up with the correct phone number to call depending on your issue and location.