Cam Floodlight Pro shipped with missing parts

I recently ordered and received three Cam Floodlight Pros and one was shipped without a mounting bracket. I contacted Wyze support and was told they cannot ship me just a mounting bracket, I have to return the whole cam and they will ship me a new one. A lot of trouble for the customer to go through for a mistake from Wyze. Does anyone know where I can find a mounting bracket that will work? Thanks

You may be able to just use the existing bracket or get one from a hardware store. Most of them are about the same. I believe I was able to use my existing one when installing the FLP

You should not have to go find and pay, for a mounting bracket, when this was a mistake on Wyze’s end. What they should do is send you a replacement camera, since they can’t just send the bracket and then let you send back the one with the missing bracket, at their expense of course.

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That’s literally what OP is complaining that Wyze offered.


Actually, what the OP said was that Wyze wanted them to send the camera back first and then they’d send a replacement. Wyze needs to send a replacement first, since they are the one that screwed up.

“Actually”, no, still incorrect no matter how many times you repeat it.

The sequence word “then” was not used where you have injected it.

Tomatoe, tamato…

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