Cam 3 senses bugs but misses 300 lb bear

The quality of this camera is really great. I can see bugs flying around at night it’s so good. I have two Cam 3s so far and I set one up in my side yard to try and catch a bear that I get every so often. Well tonight my Blink system catches the bear but when it walked right in front of my Cam 3, it was never recorded. It recorded me going back and forth a dozen times earlier in the day, but somehow completely misses a 300 lb bear. I’m pissed. What the hell

Welcome to the forums! You mentioned recording, were you hoping the camera recorded the bear in the cloud storage (free, camplus), or local storage (sd card)? Those are each different systems that the camera can do. Need more info about your setup, are you using the free cloud storage? Or do you have camplus? Do you have a sd card in the cam and what type is it?


I am using the simple ( free ) 12 second cloud storage on that camera. Like I said, it recorded me numerous times going back and forth in the yard that day, and I could play all of those back just fine. I don’t currently have an SD card installed, but may have to get one if that’s more reliable.

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The cams all have a five minute cooldown period between event recording for the free 12 seconds cloud stored events. After the first 12 seconds it won’t record again during that cooldown period. You may miss action during that period.
Simplest workaround is to add an SD card which gives you the ability to do continuous recording which you can then play back. The 12 second events can be used as “pointers in time” to clue you as to when activity has occurred. You can then use the SD card recording to go back and view the surrounding time.
Another option is the subscription Cam Plus service which removes the five minute cooldown and lets you record events as long as there is motion.


Thanks @tomp for hopping in! Nice breakdown.

Do you know when the bear walked through the view of the camera? Was it within the 5 min cool down period? I’d highly recommend a high endurance sd card and set the cameras local storage setting to atleast events only or I also recommend continuous recording. That’ll record everything to the sd card, and you have use the cloud clips/notifications to jump to the place on the sd card to see the rest of the event or just scroll around to see what else happened outside if the notification video. Like @tomp mentioned, camplus is also an option, and keep in mind that local storage with the sd card and cloud storage with the free or camplus recording are seperate and independent of eachother, you can have cloud storage, or local storage, both or neither at anytime.


I had plenty of time for the 5 minute cooldown. The bear showed on on the Blink camera at 9:29PM, There were no events captured on the Wyze between 8:59Pm and 9:40Pm. I’m gonna try and install the SD card, I have a few from my GoPro that will work. But it still didn’t capture when it should of with that bear so I’d like to get to the bottom of that.

Do you have any detection zone setup? What are your sensitivity settings? Can you post the blink video? And a compairson photo of what the v3s view is? Maybe the community here can provide some tips and tricks to improve it’s detection.

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I have the motion sensitivity set at 50, it picks up my neighbors cat all the time. It also picks up reflecting car lights off the white shed as well as headlights from cars on a street that is in the upper right corner. You really can’t see the street with the leaves on the trees and the snapshot is a daylight photo. So you look at the Blink video, the bear comes around the deck and goes right in front of the shed. My camera should be picking that up easily.

Hopefully the video uploaded correctly


Thanks for the visual aids! Yes I would think that it should be picking it up. The only way it wouldn’t is if you were in the cooldown from a recent free cloud event (you said this isn’t the case), or the sensitivity setting was to low, or a detection zone excluding the area the bear walked. Do you have any filters enabled in the event tab that could be hiding other events? I’d bump up the sensitivity for troubleshooting. I like to start at 100 and go down from there and find a happy place.

I’d bump up the sensitivity, but like I said in the title, it comes on when a bug flies in front of it if it’s too high. I’m just going to chalk it up as a lossed event. By the way I don’t even have any events set up now either, this is almost the way it came out of the box. No filters, no anything. I thought setting up events would make this camera come on only during the event hours, but that didn’t work right either.

Here’s what I mean about a bug being captured. This thing looks prehistoric, lol

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So, I finally got the video of the bear. I have the camera set to record to the SD card and “Continuous”. I would have thought that would eliminate the 12 sec rule since it is not going to the cloud. How can I fix it so it will record to the card for whatever the duration of movement is, and be able to view the video without having to pull the card all the time

You need Cam Plus to get videos in the cloud longer than 12 seconds. You could of course just use playback on the app to view and or record the entire video to your phone/device from the card. Did you get this clip from the card or the cloud? Play the cloud video to the end then tap playback as shown here. If you want to record it to you phone tap record icon as the event is playing in play back.

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Cloud storage (free or camplus) and local storage (sd card) operate Independant of eachother. Settings from one to not effect the others operation as stated above.

If you have a sd card in the camera and local storage enabled, you can set it to continuous recording (24/7 recording to card) or events only (which is different from cloud storage event only. Sd card event only saves the minute block where the motion falls to the card. If the motion continues into the next one minute block, that is saved to. Just a bunch of one min block files).

And you don’t need to remove the card to view the local storage (sd card) footage, just click “playback” off the live view screen for the v3. All the stuff in the event tab is your cloud storage.

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@Omgitstony Thanks for the info, I’m going to try it with everything being saved to the SD card and see what happens for now. I have a second C3 that has the CamPlus subscription for about the next 6-8 months. But I bought that camera to do mostly Timelapse, which has to go to the SD card anyway. I’m not a big fan of cloud storage.

Thanks again for the help.

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I highly recommend continuous recording where ever possible. I like catching everything. I was saved by it the other month when I knew a big meteor was in view of the camera but didn’t get picked up by camplus. Scrolled back on the playback feature and found the strike.

I’m getting the same it misses my horses walking past but a bug passed by it goes off saying a pet or trees blowing it goes off saying a person 60 feet in the air I don’t think so!! I like Wyze cams but I wish they could fix this stuff!

Is that an area light or the moon on the upper right corner? If an area light, you should get better results by aiming the camera down so the light is above the frame. That light, if it is, is causing the whole bottom of the picture to be underexposed. If anything walked by down there I don’t know if the camera would catch it with the pixel detection because it’s a dark object with a dark surround. No contrast.