Calories burned accuracy for Wyze Watch

Will calories burned be more accurate if you turn on heart rate continuous monitoring? It seems like it only calculates how many calories I burned based off of how many steps I take. Thank you.

I haven’t noticed the continuous monitoring doing anything. I have had to manual take readings. I’ve found you need to use the activity function to get better calorie counts. I may try leaving the activity function on for an hour of non-exercise, or all day, to see what it does for calories.

I have a problem with the accuracy also. It needs to do a better job a la Fitbit, with giving you more calories for the day. You burn a bunch of calories just existing, that number should be factored into your daily calorie count in addition to your actual activity, steps, etc.

I’m having the same issue. Are you saying that the solution to having an accurate calorie count is leaving the activity tacker on all day?