Calories on Wyze Watch

What’s the deal with the calories on the Wyze Watch (47mm)? I’m not sure what it’s tracking. On Fitbit it typically calculates my calories including resting need for calories (2,500 kcal/day). Is it measuring only calories that have been expended during steps or activities?


I think it only counts calories based on steps throughout the day, and only uses heartrate to calculate calories when the activity function is active. I did a 15 minute workout with the activity function - 150 calories. Later I did a different 15 minute workout (much more intense) without the activity function - about 15 calories. The later exercise even recorded more steps than the morning one. I don’t know what the “always on” setting for heartrate does then.

I bought my son this watch. Having the same issues. I am hoping that Wyze creates a firmware update to correct us. Otherwise this feature is useless.