Buy More CamPlus Subscriptions Than Cams?

Hello Wyze Community!

So currently CamPlus subscriptions are on sale for the next 2 days.

I ordered 2 outdoor cameras which have not come yet and am going to order 1 V2 camera. I currently have 7 V2 cameras.

I was wondering if I can purchase 10 CamPlus subscriptions on sale even though I don’t currently own 10 cameras knowing that eventually I will?

I would like to get the saving for all the cameras I will have.

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There shouldn’t be any reason you couldn’t buy 10 Licenses. You can activate the cameras as soon as you get them. You will just have a few extra licenses until you decide to use them.

Awesome thanks so much!

I don’t think you can use it on the outdoor camera anyway.

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Really? Thanks for letting me know

@raym64 is correct. Cam Plus doesn’t currently work with the outdoor cam.

Oh… so I would only be interested in 8 licenses for the V2 cameras I’ll have.

Let me ask you this… do you think it would be worth it to buy 2 extra licenses anticipating that the Outdoor Cam will work with CamPlus soon?

It’s really hard to say at this point. I believe Wyze is working on it. I heard it was eventually coming. But I don’t know the ETA.

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Ok thanks. For now I’ll just go with the V2’s

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Also do not rule out the possibility that the WCO may have an entirely different subscription model. It would not be the first or 300th time they surprised us.

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Just to make sure all the questions were answered

Yes you can order more subscriptions for cams you intend to have in the future, they will just be listed in the app as available licenses.

Currently CamPlus does not work on the outdoor cam but they are working on it and it should be able to use it once it is implemented.


Just popping by to say that I read through the thread and the information provided here is accurate. :slight_smile:

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