Button presser

Similar to Switchbot, it would be great to have something that can push in certain buttons like the TV on/off switch, the door/intercom button for people living in apartment buildings. Definitely 100s if not 1000s of potential uses. It could be like Wyze Sense and just use the bridge that the motion sensor and door sensor use.

Expanding on your line of thought, having an RF/IR repeater/broadcaster ( a la Broadlink ) would allow the Wyze ecosystem to communicate/control many devices that are not automated/smart and would expand on simple smart plug on/off control. I use a Broadlink RM Pro to add more granular control on some devices (navigate menus on TV/streaming devices), and basic control to others (fans on-off/speed select).

I understand the use case for a mini actuator, but I’ve found few instances where the same was not more achievable using either a smart plug/switch or an IR/RF broadcaster.

I am offering this idea freely as a product possibility. One thing that is sorely needed as a bridge between the digital and physical worlds is a button pressing robot. Basically a servo connected to a network that can flip switches and press buttons commanded by an app. You could have a fancier version that could move the finger to press a sequence on a keypad, but most needs are just a single button press or flipping a switch from on to off and back again. In my case I would have one for my garage, another for a light switch that is far away from the light, and maybe even on to flip a patio door lock at the end of the day.
Sure you can buy and install wifi connected switches, but with the installation they are costing $50 or more each. I actually have used your moveable camera to physically trigger a switch, and it works fine. I am sure you could come out with a 4 pack of switch flippers for $40 that would get many buyers.

Expanding on your line of thought, how about a servo motor control w/feedback?


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There’s one on the market called SwitchBot, battery powered pusher for buttons / rocker switches. It would be great to have a similar device in the Wyze universe.

Switchbot looks pretty capable, but it is bluetooth (I guess for battery life), which means you need a wifi hub to get Alexa or Siri to control it. You can control from the phone directly, although only if you are within 33 ft.
I would be happy to have just a button pressing/switch flipping device that could be plugged into a wifi smart switch. I might have to just make one.

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