Business updates from Wyze's cofounders: Wyze Cam v3 is available again for Cam Plus subscribers. 1/28/21

I’m having the same issue. Cam + subscription and it’s saying I’m not a subscriber and adding an extra V3 with the Cam+ subscription bundle!


How does this effect delivery of robo vac supporters who picked v3 for bonus but do not have cam+?


Cam plus subscriber here.

When are Canadian subscribers going to finally get some love from wyze?

I just tried to order two V3s but get stuck at check out.

Canadian Cam plus subscribers SOL?

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Just a guess but I would think that code would have expired. A lot of various problems with people trying to order v3’s so might just be that too.

@WyzeGwendolyn @WyzeDongsheng Wow! I’m so sorry to hear about this situation!

Horrible timing, when Wyze is poised to completely disrupt the market with the new V3 camera (which will happen when supply shortages ease up).

The camera is absolutely amazing. Your company is absolutely amazing.

I wish you all the best for the future and a quick resolution to the Silicon shortage.

As a matter of fact, if it wasn’t so cold and the ground so frozen, I’d go out in my back yard and start digging to see if I could find some silicon for you! Maybe barter some raw silicon as a trade for a couple of V3s.

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@WyzeGwendolyn Hi there! I’m not certain if anyone else is having this same issue and I hate to ask on here but I just ordered 3 more V3 cameras.
You mentioned how important recurring revenue is and the CamPlus service helps with higher margins so even though I love all the products and Wyze as a company, lately I have not been able to even use/access the CamPlus subscriptions I already pay for. I would love to get more subscriptions for CamPlus but it seems a bit pointless since I cannot use the services. After multiple chats, sending logs and all other sort of information, I still can’t even use/access my CamPlus service. I have been without it for approximately 2-3 weeks now and would like to know how we can get it corrected. I’ve made sure everything was updated, signed in and out, restarted cameras and everything else that was suggested by one of your team members to no avail. Just hoping to get some resolution soon. Thank you!

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I was an early backer for the robot vacuum and I seem to be unable to receive my reward (a v3 camera) since they were back ordered. Now I see that they are not back ordered anymore but they closed my ticket and no word or msg as to when they will honor the early backer program. Any ideas as to how to correct this?

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While I understand your strategy going forward I feel you should give first priority to those who have prepaid for cameras.


Any words about when the outdoor power adapter for the Wyze Cam v3 will be available?

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Same question here. I tried to order the Cam v3 now that some v3 are now available but got a response that my coupon code sent me on 1/8 for the free v3 was invalid. I cut and pasted the code so I know I used the proper code they sent me for ordering the robot vacuum

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Are you shipping v3 to Canada? When I tried to order v3 with CamPlus it said it could not quote to my Country.

I tried using my backer reward promo code when trying to purchase the v3 + Cam Plus subscription, but was left with a “Code does not exist”. Anyone else have the same issue? If so, will they extend the 3/1/2021 deadline to use the code?

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The people who chose the v3 as a reward for the vacuum will not need to order them, it is my understanding they will be automatically shipped

Edit: I did verify, the codes given to backers of the vacuum for a free v3 have been canceled and the cameras will be automatically sent instead sometime in February. An email I believe should have or is going out to the people who had those codes to state this.


Thank you. That’s awesome news!

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Thank you for the clarification!

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Digging silicon from back yard :). thank you for the support and understanding.


Thank you for the update, I’ll be looking for an email but have no gotten one yet.

Will those with the HMS qualify under this as well since it includes 1 Cam Plus subscription in it, or is it only for people who have a separate normal Cam Plus license?

Mind you, I already bought 5 Black Friday Cam Plus licenses, so I should be good regardless, but it would still be a good clarification to make since the HMS license might be processed a little differently.


That’s correct. Gwen, please note ordering from the Wyze app only fully processed paypal correctly. Not credit cards

will this effect preorders for the Home monitoring system or sensor devices?