Burd...What Iz It?

Can anyone identify this burddy?

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Bing says an Eastern Bluebird

After reviewing lots of pictures, I think I agree with it.

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Here is a cool bird ID app if you have Android.

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I thought so too when I was doing image searches.

But look at the size, chest and the forehead.

I don’t think it’s a bluebird

I don’t know how a bird app would look at a video, or still images

AI. The same way Google Lens takes your photo, picture, or screenshot and searches the internet for a match. The same way Wyze takes the frames of your Cam Video and matches a Person, Pet, Vehicle or Package.

There is also an app to do that to identify plants.

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iOS has it also. Sometimes I sit in the back yard with it listening. We have a constant din from the highway, and the app still picks out birds.


Here is a new product that is very cool and very expensive.